Remote Workforce – The Future of CX

Sudden lockdown and work from home amid COVID-19 has increased the need for remote telesales jobs and remote CX agents. The reason behind this is flexibility and comfort. Employers have also seen the benefits of remote work amid COVID-19, which has never been thought about. Many companies liked the concept of remote work, especially in the customer support world. As a result, there has been a sudden increase in the demand for remote jobs for customer support and telesales. If you also want to hire remote CX agents, then you can visit, a one-stop solution for hiring and training your remote CX agents. You simply need to post the remote job requirements, and VOIZ will provide you with the applications of CX talent to shortlist from.

Now, let’s talk about the reasons why companies are inclining towards remote work:

  • The remote jobs model is quite beneficial to the companies as they realized an improved quality of work and better performance.
  • With remote work, employees are flexible to work from anywhere. As a result, there is more job satisfaction for the employees. Consequently, there has been a considerable increase in the employee retention rate.
  • Companies can easily scale up their workforce and hire CX agents with an increased talent pool. Also, there is no geographical bound for the employees, thus companies get the pan India talent pool to hire from.
  • Above all these, employers can save the operational cost while employees are working from home.

Looking at the benefits of remote CX jobs, many companies have decided to continue using the work from the home model for the next few years. Some companies have decided to go with a hybrid model, i.e., to get the best of both worlds. It is because there is a downside to working from home as well.

Firstly, it is not possible for every employee working from home to get a dedicated work environment. It is necessary, especially for telesales jobs, where employees have to interact with the customers.

In addition to that, it gets a little difficult for the managers, too, to hire and manage the CX agents team working virtually. Apart from that, considering the connectivity issues in remote jobs, less engagement level, and distractions at home, a hybrid model has been suggested by some companies. As part of this, companies can get the work done remotely and from a physical office on a rotational basis.

Companies need to perform some steps to make the work from home feasible for their employees.

  • At VOIZ, CX agents just need a smartphone and a good broadband connection and they are good to go with their work.
  • Employers need to keep a check on the mental health of employees. They can reduce the virtual meetings, take pulse surveys, and introduce self-care days for employees. VOIZ provides an easy communication platform that helps in managing the teams at ease.
  • Use secure technologies, such as VPN, so that employer data remains safe. VOIZ can also help companies with this as they offer a secured environment.


The remote workforce is the new future of CX employees. The remote CX jobs will also be beneficial, especially in the case of work from home moms, so they can look after their babies while working from home. Many ladies decided to be a homemaker after leaving their jobs. The remote jobs will get them the opportunity to start working again while taking care of their home and family. So, choose VOIZ to hire and manage the CX agents for your business.

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