Take a Look at the Future of Cannabis

What Are the Current Cannabis Laws

Cannabis is presently doing big numbers in many states. They have been able to allow possession and cultivation in many areas. Possession of 28 grams or less is legal in many states. However, each state has their individual laws that should be researched accordingly. The marijuana industry has seen a boom of recreational and medicinal marijuana users. Most laws have been enacted under state regulations. Federal laws still have strict laws on marijuana that make it illegal. State and federal jurisdictions have been able to form common ground for statewide regulation in most states.

What Does the Future of Cannabis Look Like

The future of cannabis is looking very profitable for business enthusiast. Cannabis 2038: The Next 20 Years of Pot; what does this mean for many people? California is the largest state under regulation in the nation allowing them to shape the future of cannabis. They’re likely to shape the face of cannabis for other areas. It looks like California will be a model for other areas considering the future of cannabis over the next 20 years. There are several ways for you to become a part of the future of marijuana through cultivation or being a marijuana user.

The Future of Marijuana Use

The future of marijuana is expected to be an exit drug as it begins to expand into new forms. Many scientists will be cultivating new strands of cannabis. There will be different kinds of marijuana cultivated for different reasons. Several forms of cannabis and CBD oil will be made available to their users under different strains into the future. Marijuana is a $68 billion dollar industry and expected to grow. Marijuana could replace sipping a glass of wine in order to relax by taking a few puffs.

The Business of Marijuana in the Future

Marijuana is expected to take the shape of alcohol prohibition. Slowly they have begun to decriminalize the use and cultivation of marijuana as legislation. In fact, it will not be labeled as a scheduled II drug in the future under federal laws. Many people will be able to buy marijuana just like you buy cigarettes today. Coca Cola has been one of the first trademark companies to consider cannabis infused drinks. In fact, the taxes from marijuana will be as common as the regular sales tax imposed on any item in the store.

Many people will be able to use cannabis and still maintain their career. It will also be used as commonly as aspirin for many illnesses. It’s expected that the different strains being cultivated will target certain disorders in the future. Someone with back issues will be able to go to the store and find unique strains of marijuana for their illness. Sharing a joint will be replaced with the individual experience of using cannabis. There will be a guaranteed stock option on marijuana as it expands into the next 20 years. Will you be a part of the future of marijuana?

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