What is BSS?

The development of technology has made it necessary for both the running of companies involved in the sale and production of various products and the telecommunications industry to support themselves with specialized systems. One of the interesting and popular solutions is BSS – Business Support System.

  1. BSS business support system – what is it?
  2. Why do you need BSS in telecom?
  3. BSS capabilities – what does the business support system offer?

But what really is a BSS solution? Let’s try to find out.

BSS business support system – what is it?

BSS stands for “business support systems”. These are ways and methods to support telecommunication or telco systems and allow better business to customers. They are very often combined with OSS, or perations support systems.

BSS systems are used to perform tasks in four categories:

  • product management – in this regard, BSS is involved in product development, sales and management. It also involves offering offers and discounts accordingly.
  • customer management – it involves 24-hour customer self-service and appropriate customer relations. This is a very important part of the management of any company.
  • revenue management – it is simply the management of fees, billing and other similar questions.
  • order management – is most often combined with OSS. Rather, BSS systems are used as a tool to manage order processing and fulfillment.

Why do you need BSS in telecom?

Good management of every element of the company’s work is an absolute must, allowing the brand to function properly. Lack of high-level management means chaos and lower quality of service, delivered to customers. That’s why it’s so important to use systems specifically designed for this purpose, such as BSS. With them, you can ensure the confidence that comes from having all the most important elements of a company’s work properly organized.

BSS capabilities – what does the business support system offer?

The exact BSS offering usually depends on the supplier or manufacturer. Most often, however, a good BSS should include capabilities such as full control over the system. What’s more, it may be important to be able to customize the system, make changes and more. The following may also be important: order and customer data management, billing management, and services such as business-to-business and business-to-consumer. The best BSS products are an opportunity for companies that value the highest quality of service provided to customers. It is definitely worth betting on this solution.

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