Why Do Web Developers Make the Perfect Hosting Resellers?

Let’s look at the process of website creation from scratch. We will look at two scenarios.

Scenario 1: You have started a new business and decide to create a website. After a little bit of research, you realize that you need a professional web developer or designer to create it. While talking to the developer, you understand that you will have to provide content for the website and also look for a web host where the site will reside. Next, you start looking for web hosting plans – Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS, etc. It seems overwhelming, and you don’t know which plan would suit you. So, you go back to the developer and ask for his suggestion and buy the hosting plan that he recommends. Your site gets developed, stored on a web server, and is live for your clients.

Scenario 2: When you contact the web developer, he offers site development services along with web hosting services as a combined package. All you need to do is pay him a fixed sum every month, and he takes care of the design and hosting management of your site.

Which would you choose? Most people would opt for the latter. In this article, we will talk about the reasons behind web developers making the perfect hosting resellers and why you should opt for them.

Before we get into the reasons, you must understand what a hosting reseller is…

What is a Hosting Reseller?

When you buy a hosting plan, you have the choice of approaching the hosting company that owns the infrastructure and technical expertise for web hosting. Or, you can buy a plan from a company that purchases a package from the hosting company and provides hosting services to you called hosting resellers. A hosting reseller has fewer clients as compared to the company and can offer customized services and more attention to your website and benefits.

Why are web developers considered the perfect hosting resellers?

Many web developers offer hosting services as a package deal to their clients. They make perfect hosting resellers for the following reasons:

  1. Cost-efficient – Since the web developer is offering development and hosting services, they can extend a nice discount on the package deal. If you were to buy development and hosting services separately, then no such discounts would be possible. As a new business venture, this can be an appealing factor. However, you must ensure that you know what resources the hosting plan includes so that you don’t end up buying shared resources at the price of a VPS!
  2. Time-efficient – Once your website is live, the developer’s work is not completely over. There will be changes that you might want to implement or design issues that might need a quick fix. Hence, you will need the developer around for site management. Hosting requires regular monitoring too. When you buy both the services from the web developer, then you need to coordinate with a single vendor for all your site requirements. This saves time.

Summing Up

As a new business owner, any option that helps you save time and costs needs to be considered. However, you cannot buy development or hosting services without researching the market. Web developers buy Reseller Hosting packages from a hosting company. They usually create their own brand, and you will never know the parent company. Therefore, it is important to read the fine print and understand exactly what the hosting plan includes and compare it with what you can get directly from a web hosting company. If the developer has chosen a good company for Reseller Hosting and is offering a competitive hosting package, then he can be the perfect hosting reseller for any business. Research well and choose wisely. Good Luck!

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