Today’s app stores are full of several useless applications from companies that have been tempted to quickly build an app. The app fever among app developers is decreasing. We have been inundated with too many bad or even completely useless apps in recent months. Many companies were gripped by the idea that everything and everyone should have a mobile app. What those apps actually added was often bar little. The result is that application stores are full of apps that are rarely downloaded and used.

Maybe some organizations are satisfied, but others will want to learn from this mistake and want to publish a better app. These are some “best practices” to remember if your company wants to develop a better app that appeals to users more.

To Succeed, an App Must Solve a Problem

A mobile app must solve a problem, offer important functionality, save time, save money, entertain or entertain or offer a unique service. In other words, successful apps must provide one or more concrete benefits for the user.

One of the useful app is “the Bank of America app”, available on both Android and iOS platforms. This software allows you to place a check on your bank account by photographing both sides of the payment receipt. You received the money within two minutes.

Do not have a mobile app developed just because everyone else is doing especially if you have a really weak plan. Start building an app if you have a solid plan.

Focus On One Thing

This is one of the most important factor to keep in mind while developing a mobile app. It is tempting to let go completely with features, but this can cause your project to derail. Brainstorming is good, let the ideas flow freely, but when you are done with that, stick to the one or two best ideas. That one sorted idea is definitely going to work.

Building Isn’t the Only Important Thing

App stores is not a direct channel for anyone with a tablet or smartphone. In fact, if you develop software, it is wise to spend a few euros of the budget on other things than development. If downloads are important – which of course are, think about promotion.

Apps Need Notification Capabilities

Notifications are not suitable for every type of app, but if it can add something, do not forget to build in that functionality.

Do Not Force Users To Use The App Instead Of The Website

Do not make the app compulsory for mobile use. Do not forget to develop a mobile site. Mobile screens are getting bigger and 4G internet improving user experience. All of this is making web increasingly usable on mobile devices. Especially tablets can get along very well with regular versions of websites.

Make sure that you do not build an app that replaces your website, but focus on improving the user experience of your website and additional functionality.

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