Why You Should Consider a Vulnerability Management for Your Business

Long gone are the days when all we need is a good anti-virus program and a basic firewall. As technology made more advances in the past few years, even the threats are getting more sophisticated. Malicious software such as ransomware, which blocks the user from accessing his or her data until the ransom was paid, has been growing internationally since 2012. This is more problematic for businesses who often store their important data and shares them via network or internet. Businesses nowadays need a more secure network to ensure that their data is safe. That is why things such as a vulnerability management system have been a necessity for networks throughout the years.

A Vulnerability Management system is a system that continuously detects information risks through undertaking processes, according to Digital Defense. Its purpose in life is to continuously assess a network for vulnerabilities, identifying risks, remediating, and mitigating them. A Vulnerability Management System is composed of software programs and software environments that have different kind of features for detecting vulnerabilities.

There’s a lot of reasons why a company will need a vulnerability management system. According to Outpost24, there is a 50% increase in the vulnerabilities reported every year compared to the prior year. In addition, there are still unreported cases of vulnerabilities, so the percentage is possibly higher than recorded. To ensure having optimal protection, a vulnerability management system makes sure that all the things needed to be done will be done. And because the system manages everything, maintaining the security of the whole network would be easier.

One of its features is to make sure that all the software that is being used by the network are all updated. Almost half of the breaches detected each year are due to outdated software programs running. It is not a secret that updating is something that computer users would want to do, especially if the computer is using Windows. A vulnerability management system makes sure that every software is updated.

A vulnerability management system can also be used to improve the current cybersecurity protection of your network. VM Systems will scan for such and will recommend things that are needed to be done for further protection. The first thing that a VM System does is to analyze the data after the scan and will provide possible actions to patch the invulnerability. With the vulnerabilities exposed, the IT department can do something and fix the cause of the vulnerability.

Another important feature of VM systems is its real-time monitoring. Every time the computers are connected to the internet, the risk for cyber risk is there. There are even systems that offer mimicked attack from the outside. There are VM systems that offer custom thorough scanning to comb possible threats that are lurking and are just waiting for the right opportunity to attack.In choosing a VM System provider, businesses are recommended to look for vendors that can modify their approach to their client’s risk appetite. Another characteristic of a good VM system provider is extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

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