How To Promote Your Instagram Account and Grow Quickly?

Every day, more and more people are joining the Instagram community. This means that competition for followers is getting tougher. How can you promote your account and grow quickly? Do you want to promote your Instagram account and grow it quickly? Here are the ways to do so!

  • Create great content and post regularly.

The best way to get others interested in your account is to create great content. Think about how you would feel if you came across a photo and saw that it had only one or two likes and no comments. This means that the picture either doesn’t align with your interests (it’s not relevant), or it’s not high quality. Either way, you probably aren’t going to follow the account if you have no interest in their photos. So, how can you create some awesome content? You can start by taking some photos of things that are relevant to your niche and interests. Think about the kinds of pictures people would be interested in viewing.

  • Post on relevant hashtags.

Hashtags are important to use on Instagram, especially for promoting your account. You can meet other people with the same interests as you. You can also expand your audience by connecting with others who like what you do. Use relevant hashtags on each of your photos so that others can find you if they are looking for similar content. However, don’t overuse hashtags or they could end up looking like spam! For example, if you’re a journalist like Nick Gamache CBC – you’ll use journalism-related hashtags to promote your account.

  • Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote your account.

Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile? If so, you can use these platforms to help you promote your Instagram account and grow quickly! You can head over to the ‘sharing’ section of one of these networks and set it up so that any photos posted to your Instagram account will also appear on the other. This means that you can get more shares and likes than ever before and view all of your followers in one easy place. Have you come across Nick Gamache journalist or Carl Bernstein’s social media presence? They have a great presence on all the relevant social media networks.

  • Involve others in your posts.

Are you an author? Then you can ask your readers to post photos of themselves with your book and give them the option to use one of your photos as their profile photo. Or, if you sell products that will look great in pictures (like jewelry or perfume), then get customers involved by having them take selfies with their purchase. This is a great way to show your audience how they can use your product.


There are many ways to promote your Instagram account and grow quickly. One way is by posting on relevant hashtags; another is by creating great content that people will be interested in viewing.  You just need to be consistent and find out what works best for you.

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