How Websites Can Circumvent China’s Great Firewall?

Is your business having a hard time tapping into the rich Chinese market? The internet offers excellent growth potential as businesses tap into the global market. Nonetheless, while pursuing the Chinese market, this isn’t as straightforward given the significant internet censorship in place. The Great Firewall of China is the world’s most restrictive and sophisticated internet censorship program. It filters, blocks, or frustrates access to certain content, making it harder for websites and apps to thrive, especially those hosted out of Mainland China. Here is a tool that you can use to run a China firewall test; you might be surprised to realize that only a portion of your content tailored with the Chinese demographics is getting to your target audience.

The Great Firewall of China, while effective, isn’t foolproof. You can bypass it and tap into the market. Nonetheless, you need reliable solutions to ensure that bypass isn’t just a fluke that can’t deliver desirable results. VPNs provide some luck, but they aren’t as reliable, especially as the firewall blocks such connections. Ensuring that your website doesn’t contain keywords that trigger a block is a good starting point.

However, it is only part of the story to avoid being targeted and blocked. One of the biggest collateral damages of the firewall’s working mechanism is the slowing down of loading speeds for most offshore hosted websites. The engineers at Goclick China, a specialized technology firm offering monitoring and testing services for China facing websites, developed a testing tool for China’s firewall as well as solutions to optimize website performance in China. So the best approach to enjoy smooth operations is using their Great Firewall of China testing tool. With the tool and synthetic testing, you realize many benefits beyond bypassing the firewall. Among the top reasons to use the solutions includes;

Test availability

You’ve bypassed the firewall. But is the website available all over China? China is a huge country with fragmented internet territories occupied by different ISPs. Availability tests help you establish how well you’ve bypassed the firewall and potential issues affecting the site’s visibility. With the insights, you can optimize the content to ensure that you are readily visible and accessible, boosting your performance.

Timely alerts

Bypassing the firewall is one thing. Maintaining desirable uptime is a different story. Just because you slipped doesn’t mean that the firewall can’t find, identify, and block your site. The testing tools help you maintain the best possible uptime. You’ll get immediate alerts and notifications when your site is unavailable. This helps you to take the relevant steps. You’ll be proactive, helping you identify and fix issues before users notice.

Optimize performance

Are your critical pages working well? The Great Firewall doesn’t only censor content by blocking websites. It also selectively filters sites and employs other techniques to frustrate the users. Load speed, for instance, can lead to timeouts, meaning that your site, while not blocked in China, is not accessible. Online testing tools help examine and optimize the load performance of your critical pages. You’ll avoid common pitfalls by optimizing the content and other features triggering the selective measures. As users’ attention span shortens and you compete with better established local businesses, a difference of a few seconds means whether you can generate a lead or sell your product.

Apart from bypassing the Great firewall of China, synthetic testing supercharges your performance. You get to assess users’ satisfaction rates. This allows you to make relevant adjustments and ensure that your website and mobile apps offer a seamless experience. The approach gives you an edge as you aren’t only bypassing the firewall but also impressing users. It allows your business to generate more leads, enjoy a good conversion rate, and develop a significant loyal following. Using online testing tools helps you bypass the firewall and run a smooth operation as you tap into the enormous Chinese market. With the best solutions, such as those offered by, you’ll scale your operations to the next level, helping you build a bigger and better business in China’s online market.

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