4 Signs Your Website Need to Powerup with Dedicated Server

Most online projects are started on simple shared hosting packages. If the website develops well, the performance of such packages often does not last too long. An upgrade of the web space will be necessary. But what are the signs of a change in the hosting product?

The following conditions are the signs you need a hosting upgrade:

#1 You Have Reached the Hosting Limitation

As a rule, webmasters start their latest online project on the smallest possible hosting system: shared hosting packages. This is often the cheapest and easiest way to make the new presence available online and to wait for development.

Above all attractive offers of the shared hosting, you should realize that shared hosting is not created for

advance sites. Even though the company said it has unlimited storage space as well as unrestricted traffic and bandwidth, and multiple domains allowed.

However, a shared hosting package, unlike Dedicated Server, always remains what the term “shared”. You share the system resources with other accounts on the server. In addition to the own website thousands of other websites are often hosted on the same server.

Shared hosting packages therefore, allow the customer to use only a certain amount of system resources. If the requirements of the web project exceed the available system resources, customers will have to reckon with limitations on their own website as well as on the entire server system.

The limitations are in the form of high load times or in the worst case even the complete failure of a server. Therefore, upgrade is sometimes necessary.

#2 Visitor increases on the website

Right after the start of a new project, the number of visitors to your own website is initially relatively low. There are no regular readers or regular visitors. Over time, however, the reputation of the website increases and the statistics are increasing in number of visits per day.

If the website later receives several thousand visitors a day, it’s time to think about changing the hosting package. The risk of exceeding the available resources of a simple web space package is now relatively high.

With a higher awareness, individual content can also go viral and spread like wildfire through social networks, a subsequent stream of visitors to their own website could not handle a simple web space package, it would come in the worst case to complete failure of the offer.

#3 Expansion of Website Functionalities

Another reason to think about upgrading the shared hosting package is the expansion of your website functionalities. Often, an online project is started with a minimum of features in order to be on the market for the first time and to be available to potential visitors. In this case, some people often use dedicated server India like HostingRaja to gain this possibility.

Over time, additional functions can be added, which naturally also require additional power resources. It can simply be additional data, such as an extensive image or video database, or even completely new features, such as an integrated online shop or other web service. Of course, a simple web hosting is often not enough for such a large project.

#4 Problems with security or performance

A shared hosting package is not only prone to performance, but also for security reasons. This hosting variant is not the best you can get for professional project. The problem here is that, you share the server and often the same IP address with many other accounts. It has no influence or knowledge of what the owners of other accounts on the server next to the own website.

In the worst case, unauthorized persons try to get into different accounts on the server from their hosting or use their packages to send spam mails or distribute malware. This way, the security of all accounts on the server is affected.

As a result, your business emails may no longer arrive at the recipient. This is because the IP address of antispam networks is blocked. If problems in the area of ​​security and performance occur, this is a sign you need to upgrade your hosting package to either VPS & Dedicated Servers.

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