7 Pieces of Gear and Accessories Every Photographer Needs

Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, you need to invest in the gear and accessories included on the list below. The most obvious is the camera, so we won’t include it. If you are looking for a high-quality camera to complement these photography tools, check out the selection available through BorrowLenses.

  1. Lens

The lens is more important than the actual camera. It is the one that does the magic to take ultra-clear shots of the subject. When looking for the best camera lens, consider technical features, size, weight, compatibility with your camera, and durability, among others. The long list of the possibilities can easily confuse any newbie, so do your research to find the right type of lens that works for your shooting needs.

  1. Lighting

Lighting is an important element in photography. It adds drama and conveys emotions. Photographers often use natural light sources that they can control to improve the quality of the photo, such as flash, strobes, and light bars. If you do not have the lights needed for a shoot, consider a lighting rental to save money compared to buying brand-new.

  1. Tripod

Whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors, a tripod can come in handy. They can be heavy and uncomfortable to bring, but their pros outweigh the cons. It allows you to take detailed and sharper photos. It prevents the shots from being blurry as it puts the camera in a more stable position compared to holding it in your hands. It also makes it easier to get up close to the subject and to freeze movements, especially when taking long exposure photos.

  1. Cleaning Kits

Clean and well-maintained optics play a critical role in photography. Plus, they also ensure the longevity of the camera and the lenses. Invest in cleaning kits to keep your gear in tip-top condition even after several years of use. Never use a shirt or paper towel in cleaning optics. They can cause scratches and other significant damages.

  1. Camera Bag

Especially if you are a pro, a camera bag is a must-have. It makes it easier to bring your camera around while keeping all your gears organized. It is usually made of a thick and padded material to protect the camera while in transit. The bags also have padded straps and ergonomic design for your highest level of comfort.

  1. Light Meter

Professionals need to have light meters to eliminate guesswork when shooting. A hand-held light meter is a compact device that helps to improve the accuracy of flash exposures. It is also useful in the measurement of ambient light.

  1. Spare Battery

While manufacturers are constantly experimenting with technologies to deliver longer battery life, they still cannot last throughout the day. To avoid frustration in the middle of a shoot, it is good to have a spare battery. Some cameras even have a battery grip that provides easy access to a spare when you need it.

Take your photography to the next level by investing in the gears and accessories mentioned above. They will make your life a lot easier while improving the quality of your shots.

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