Different Types of CCTV Camera

As you already know CCTV cameras are used a lot nowadays. Everywhere you look, there’s someone watching you. Some people feel sort of threatened by them. They worry about having no privacy. It’s not that far from the truth really. But these cameras actually help in preventing crime. They are known for solving cases as well. There are many advantages if you install this security system.

CCTV stands for closed – circuit TV. So, it means that not a lot of people can watch it. Only a few have access to it. It’s a great way to watch over some suspicious people. With the newest technology these cameras can alert you of any real threats. That way you will be able to prevent a crime before it happens. If you’re looking for a monitoring system to install, you should know that there are different types. Each comes with its own benefits. Do some research before buying one.


This type of camera is shaped like a dome. People use it for indoor security systems, like in retail stores and offices. They are great when you want to confuse someone. They can’t tell if it’s faced towards them or in the other direction. You can easily notice it. But you can’t tell the direction it’s filming. It’s installed on the ceiling of the room. Sometimes, it comes with an infrared light. That way it can work even in the dark. So, if the system notices something suspicious, you will know.

Day / Night

If you want to install a system which can work under any type of light, you should pick this one. People usually put them outside. They are perfect for a 24/7 surveillance. If the unit notices any type of dangerous motions or weapons, you will know about this right away. You will be able to do something about it. It’ll give you a live – feed video. Also, you can customize it to alert the police. The best thing about them is that they don’t need illuminators. They already have a chip built in for low light.


The bullet camera has a long shape which resembles ammo cartridge. You can install it outdoors. It’s mostly used in places where people want to monitor longer distances. It can film up to 40 feet. Also, if you want to monitor your backyard or a parking lot, it can come in handy. If you’re interested in buying, you should check out the following link https://athena-security.com. It’ll work under any weather conditions. Usually, it has a fixed or varifocal lens.

Night Vision

These cameras work in the dark. The name says it all. Most criminal activities happen in the dark. So, it would be nice for you to have some sort of protection. With installing them, you are safe. You will be able to see everything that’s going on when it’s dark. No matter where they’re placed, you will know what’s going on. They come in handy with dark backyards and alleys.


Any device that is wireless is useful. You can place it anywhere you like without worrying about wires. Everything is better with them.  You don’t have to pay additionally for the length of the wire. People love them because of their flexible installation. They aren’t IP based. They can have various modes of transmission. Their cost depends on how much cameras you need.

High Definition

These cameras come in handy in places like banks and casinos. They give the viewer an ability to zoom in. That way you can closely inspect a person. You will see if they’re carrying. The system can be adjusted to be able to detect people. So, if there’s someone you don’t want coming in your business, the system can alert you of their presence. Also, the surveillance will tell you if there’s a dangerous criminal in your area.


This surveillance system is also known as IP. It transmits videos on the internet. You can choose whether you want wireless or not. You can easily install it without any help from professionals. So, you save some money there. The best thing you can do is send a video some place far away. You don’t have to use a power boost.

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