Giving Customers a Platform to Talk


One of the best things that you can do as an entrepreneur for your clients is give your customers a platform that they can use so that they can share their opinions. Often times, business do not leave enough room for customers to send their feedback. Even with businesses that allow the customer to reach out, customers are still feeling as if they are not being heard. This is often because of the fact that some of the businesses are taking a long time to actually reach out to the customer. Then there are other cases when the business only offers a canned cop out that does not address the concerns of the customer. There are also plenty of other cases that leave a customer feeling jaded about the business.

One thing that businesses need to give customers is a platform for customers to engage in conversation. There are a lot of benefits to this. One of the major benefits is that the customer is going to feel heard. This allows them to feel as if their feedback is received and given a bit of thought. This also increases the trust the customer has with the company. Therefore, the customer will not only continue doing business with the company but will also recommend the business to other customers.

There is one obstacle that stands in the way of giving the customer a platform to talk. This obstacle is the right type of software. Many businesses have the old and outdated method of supplying a contact form for the customer to leave a question or comment. As a result, the customer may be frustrated with having to wait for up to a day before they get a response. Therefore, it is time for a newer and more efficient form of communication for the customer.

One example of a platform that gives the customer room to talk is Gladly. This platform has been designed for customers to connect with the business that they are interested in. One thing that business owners need to realize that customer input can actually improve the process. One of the reasons that many businesses conduct surveys is so that they can get ideas on the products that they are testing. The customer can decide on the features, the packaging and other aspects of the product that they like. The business will then factor in all of the responses and then move forward with the response that has the most approval.

Conversation is the most important aspect of business. If a business does not know what customers want, then they are going to have a harder time succeeding. One of the worst things a business can do in some cases is play a guessing game with the customers. For one thing, the customer might actually like the older product better than the newer and supposedly upgraded product. However, the only way you are going to know is if customers are allowed to tell you about their preference of the product.


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