Rent the Proper Lighting Equipment for Your Live Shows

Producing a theater show, concert performance or live event is a very challenging task. This is especially true for producers who must ensure that the show is a success. One of the biggest challenges that impact stage managers is lighting. Without the proper lighting equipment, a public performance will usually fail. The following information will describe the best lighting products that producers and stage managers can rent for a show.

Event Lighting Fundamentals and Equipment

The whole purpose of stage system lighting is for audience and viewers to see what is happening during a performance. All lighting theory, positioning and fundamentals must work toward that end. Basic stage illumination principles include focus, mood and revelation of form. Truth be told, lighting should help to set the mood of the event and it should also be used to focus viewers’ attention toward a person, character or group of people on stage.

You might not believe this but modern lighting systems for the stage includes consoles, fixtures, dimming and cabling. These four pieces of equipment make up the central part of any type of lighting system. An online Stage Lighting guide also supports this fact. Stage managers and producers should rent these four pieces of lighting equipment for any type of venue they are sponsoring.

Information about Flood and Spot Lights

Flood lights and spot lights are the two primary instruments or pieces of equipment a person will need for lighting up a platform. Stage managers should rent these two types of lights when preparing for a show. Floodlights are versatile. They can be used to light up wide areas or they can be used to illuminate shadowy parts of a stage. Spot lights are designed to focus on a specific person or object. Both lighting elements are usually combined to make a great lighting scheme for any production.

Other Lighting Equipment Needed for Productions

There are many other types of lighting fixtures that stage crews can set up for productions. They include soft lamps for eliminating shadows, broad lights for filling in light near a camera and umbrella lighting for providing soft light over an illuminated area. Fixed focus lighting and fluorescent lighting equipment is used for special effects or setting the mood for performances. AV rental companies will have this type of equipment available for use. They will usually have the best equipment with the latest design and technology on hand.

Tips for Renting AV Lighting Equipment

When you must rent lighting equipment you should know exactly what you need for a show. You should also have a purpose in mind for the lighting. Remember, the goal of lighting is to help audience members to see the action on stage. Outside of this basic premise, what else should your lighting do? Will it be used to highlight various scenes within a theater production? Do you want to dazzle audience members while they watch a fantastic concert?

You should know exactly how your light is going to work. Once you figure out this information make sure to get the equipment you need. Get back equipment as well. You never know what can go wrong. Renting stage illumination equipment is an easy thing to do when you understand the process of event lighting.

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