What Are Some of the Biggest Changes Coming to Google Ads?

In just one year of releasing their newly refined AdWords Experience, Google has yet again struck inspiration and released a Marketing Live event that provides another set of new and exciting features. With the core concepts of value, transparency, and trust, Google strives to achieve innovation across all of their advertising products–and they certainly succeed at this achievement. In these brand new features, users are seeing ads that are even more personalized than before with highly relevant solutions. We’re also seeing automated shopping feeds and rebranded solutions that will give advertisers the tools they need to meet the needs of their audiences.

Let’s take a look at a few (of the many) of the biggest changes coming to the Google AdWords Experience:

  • Opting out of ad personalization just got easier: Google’s latest updates make it easier for users to opt out of ad personalization. This means that you have the power to stop advertisers from tailoring your unique individual experience. Most importantly, with the ability to opt out of ad personalization, you can also make the ads you see more useful to you and your specific needs. This new feature is sure to keep users happy and more engaged.
  • The name game: Not so much a surprise or ‘new feature’, but Google is playing the name game and changing their AdWords title to Google Ads. It may take some time for long-time Google Ads users to get used to the switch, but Google’s new AdWords title is sure to highlight their expansive suite of advertising solutions.
  • TrueView updates: There are a few TrueView features that Google announced at their Marketing Live event. The first is TrueView for reach, and the second is TrueView for action. TrueView for reach will allow users to obtain more prospects with video creatives through CPM bidding. On the other hand, TrueView for action allows individuals to better advertise to various prospects through YouTube.  With these two updates, we’re looking a more video-centric approach to advertising.
  • YouTube is taking on lead ads: While advertisers have grown used to dominating the competition of Facebook lead ads, Google has decided to up the ante and allow YouTube to take on lead ads. Lead ads on YouTube will create the ability to collect contact information of top prospects without taking them to the website first.
  • Cross-device reporting meets Google Analytics: For this first time ever, cross-device reporting is coming to Google Analytics. This unique feature offers live reports within Google Analytics’ Audience section which are separated into three sub-reports:
    • Device Overlaps
    • Device Paths
    • Acquisition Device

With this exciting new feature, users can compare segments, better visualize data, and identify usage throughout desktop, mobile, and tablets.

These are only a few examples of the many brand new features and updates that Google is bringing to the table this year. We are looking at a complete change of paid search that’s sure to amplify user experience. Only time will tell how these exciting features will shape the new and improved Google Ads experience.

Author Bio:

Manny Janero, of Click Elements, has been in the online marketing industry since 2007. His experience derives from years of account management, data analysis and structuring of high-cost online marketing campaigns, in all major search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. He has successfully developed and managed large volumes of Pay Per Click campaigns for both local and national clients, in addition to managing local and national SEO campaigns. Having generated lead returns of over $15 million, Manny has acquired extensive knowledge of effective online marketing strategies within many different business verticals, including eCommerce businesses. He also has extensive experience in online advertising channels like Amazon, AdRoll, and Steelhouse. Manny is Google-Certified with a passion for digital marketing and generating successful results for his clients.

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